Too Human was Too Failure

Too Human was a 2008 action roleplay game, that was supposed to merge Sci-Fi with ancient Scandinavian mythology, ignoring the fact that was essentially the entire concept of Marvel’s version of Thor and Odin, in an effort to make money.

Many of the developer’s fans did wonder why Silicon Knights didn’t bother making a sequel to one of their massive successes.

Instead they made a piece of shit.

Let’s Yatzhee do the rest really.

Now, the game was a failure in itself, however, there are another thing coming, a lawsuit. They sued Epic, back before Epic turned out to be anti-consumer monopolist twats, for “delivering a bad engine”, despite the engine being the Unreal engine, wildly recognize for being amazing.

In 2012, the judge order Silicon Knight to to destroy EVERYTHING related to the Unreal engine, which included Too Human and X-Men: Destiny and a whole bunch of dreams that Silicon Knights had had too.

So you can’t actually buy this awful game anymore or the X-Men game either, unless you manage to find a boxed copy somewhere out there, I wouldn’t personally recommend that you do that, and that comes from a person who own Stalin Vs. Martians.

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