In the dreaming city

In the dreaming city, beyond the unfathomable realms, rest the sprawling pit of never-ending despair.

From this pit, beyond comprehension, an eternal dirge, devastating, beautiful, spews forth, without pause, relentless, eternal, dreadful, enchanting.

Those who hear, see nothing, those who see, die. Those who refuse that which cannot be denied, suffer.

Suffer, pain, madness and dreams.

Dreams of slithering, twisting, writing, corrupting, endless, void-bound horror.

To hear, to see, to voice, is to lament forevermore.

Prayer for the mad and the free

Blessed be those.
Those who struggle.
Those who suffer.
Those who silence.

Blessed be those.
Those who turn.
Those who till.
Those who torture.

Blessed be she.
She who laments
She who let’s.
She who looks.

Blessed be he.
He who murder.
He who miss.
He who mystify.

Blessed be those.
Those who search.
Those who scream.
Those who submit.