Anti-Hero for Hire: Shouldn’t exist, does, thanks to Keenspot!

Antihero for Hire has been running for years, hell, I used to read it, until I realized that his drawing style wasn’t improving. At all. So I stopped.

That’s how it looked back when it started back in 2003, or, in Internet time, eighteen billion years ago. In the course of the next seven years, much improvement was commited to this webcomic, the art style went from utterly horrible crap, to Van Gogh levels of style, well, not really, it went into decent.

Oh wait, no it didn’t.

It got worse. This shouldn’t be. Seriously, this shouldn’t be possible, NO IMPROVEMENT AT ALL! Nothing, absolutely no improvement at all. It’s like SEVEN years of drawing just didn’t happen, did this maniac just draw EVERYTHING seven years ago, and then went and died, and we’re all just looking at a automated uploading comic drawn by a dead guy?

Oh wait, he has a twitter, where he actual shows he’s alive, to bad, it was the only excuse I could make out.

I guess we fall back to the actual reason: He is a horrible artist, and his fucking retarded poorly drawn, impossibly poorly written and utterly useless webcomic shouldn’t exist at all.

But this is the Sluggy Freelance syndrome all over again, of some old Webcomic who started ages ago, got a few fans, and those mouthbreating inbreed swine just continue reading this bollocks.

I often wonder why something still exist, but this is beyond everything really, or at least, you’d think that wouldn’t you?

This is one of the earliest examples of Newshounds from 2007, so a fair bit younger than Antihero for Retards, it also has the advantage of not starting out drawn like somebody invited a blind four-year old to vomit on a piece of paper, so, has it improved on it’s starting design?

Nope, pretty much no improvement at all, a little of any, to be fair. Compared to Antihero, it still looks like comparing a Rembrant to a dead cat on a highway, but Newshounds is still pretty much complete shit, it’s storyline really isn’t anything to mail home about.

Wait, there’s more? How is still possible?



And now it get’s really bad, Antihero for Hire is bloody awful, poorly drawn and utterly stagnate.

But Gene Catlow is worse, so much worse, it’s a furry webcomic, it started in 2000, TWO-THOUSAND, and it hasn’t changed it’s style even an iota, maybe cleaned up the lines, but it’s THE SAME FUCKING STYLE, THE SAME, HOW?

How the hell do they get away with this shit?

Somehow they do, do these fucking cunts have some sort of insane contract with Keenspot? Because this cannot possibly be good for their image.

Yeah, still, Keenspot does have some webcomics who are well drawn. It just to bad they are either FAN-SERVICE, changes art style every year or so, relies on utterly stupid gimmicks (3D) or exist only to tempt the stupid to buy the actual comic. ‘

In conclusion, Anti-Hero for Hire is the third worst webcomic I have ever deleted from my bookmarks, and hey, now I get to do it again. Oh wait, Keenspot is the third worst webcomic in general, they either host horrible old crap, poorly written shiny crap or FAN-SERVICE.

Good fucking Night.

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