Premier Smokeless Cigarettes are today’s failure

Let’s go with a product for a fairly short failure, smokeless cigarettes, specifically the Premier brand developed by R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company, now some of you are going “What, you mean e-cigarettes?”.

No, smokeless actual cigarettes, through some horrible chemical process RJR actually managed to somehow conjure up a cigarette that didn’t generate any significant amount of smoke, but was still functionally a cigarette.

Yeah, that looks a but off.

So what was the problem? It sounds pretty good right? The smoke is one of the biggest complains people have about cigarettes that and the dreadful smell.

At a cost of probably around a billion dollars, RJR released the Premier in 1988, and nobody bought.

Why? It “tasted” like plastic or possibly charcoal, required special instructions in how to light it and was STILL A CIGARETTE!

Just instead of tar, you’re were just breathing some other forsaken chemical mixture of death and more death.

Even the smokers didn’t like it. The lesson was actually learned, RJR withdrew the product within a year and never really bother after that.

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