Rabbits in Australia are today’s rapidly spreading failure

On the 13th of May 1788, eleven great wooden ships departed from the south of England, two of them were Royal Navy Escorts, the remainder carried supplies and convicts, this was indeed the beginning of the story for Australia and for the literally and liberally fucking rabbits that now plague it’s interior.

They brought the very first rabbits with them to Australia, initially, this wasn’t much of a problem, as they were all in cages and eaten with great relish.

However, this came crashing down, as the local Australian predators were gleefully obliterated in the name of sheep herding and general agricultural nonsense, turns out they had kept the population of rabbits fairly stable, until evolution came along and went “ha, HARDIER BREDS” and everything went straight into uncontrollable growth.

Apparently the entire present horrible rabbit infestation can be traced back to twenty-four rabbits released in 1859 by Thomas Austin, a moronic idiot who thought it was a great idea to just randomly introduce English species of animal into a totally alien environment, a true vanguard of the kind of ineptitude that to this day continues to thrive among the Australian political class.

And now rabbits are everywhere in Australia, causing havoc, rabbits aren’t picky eaters, basically devouring every single plant, which has the consequence of erosion, in Europe our plants have evolved alongside the rabbits, so they are much hardier breeds, much better suited for the kind of grazers we have.

It does help we didn’t manage to wipe out all our foxes and wolves, one wonders if the Dingo might be slightly more helpful in keeping them down, in Australians didn’t consider them a pest.

Oh well, the Australian government will just BIOLOGICAL WARFARE against the rabbits, having learned an important lesson from the Emu War, that they so comically lost.

Either that or just make massive fences everywhere, at least we have gained the enlightenment of how Trump got his idiotic wall from.

A Great Big Fence in the Country!

The lesson? Don’t released animals, at all, you don’t do that, it’s bad. This is one of those lessons that animal rights activists that have become radicalized don’t seem to understand, releasing fur-producing animals into foreign environments are REALLY fucking bad for it.

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