City Builders and you: Cities XXL

This is what at one point was the VERY first attempt to turn SimCity into an MMO, there is absolutely nothing left of any of the MMO elements in this game, there’s little left of the original concept.

However, there is a city builder left, and with this latest version, there’s a city builder that actually works, and works fairly well. It’s not Cities: Skylines, not even remotely, Skylines is an exceptional game, Cities XXL is a functional game, now at least.

Cities XL and whatever other names it may or may not have carried, where broken shitpiles full of crushed hopes and dreams.

Cities XL was SimCity 2013, before it was even annouced, and EA learned nothing from this miserable pile of failure.

There really isn’t anythint else to say, this game is pointless.

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